Universal coverage in Tanzania and South Africa: Monitoring and evaluating progress

Welcome to UNITAS, a multi-partner research partnership funded by the European Union that supports policy for universal coverage in South Africa and Tanzania. Our research will monitor and evaluate these policy processes and regularly communicate findings to policy makers and health care implementers.



“Marsha Orgill presented a poster titled “The 14 year plan toward universal coverage in South Africa: tackling supply side constraints first” at the 11th World Congress on Health Economics in Milan (12-15 July 2015) as part of the UNITAS project. Marsha presented in the poster the factors influencing the dissemination, diffusion and implementation of a number of UHC reforms in South Africa. At the same conference, Filip Meheus presented the first findings of a nationwide evaluation of the primary care reforms in South Africa.”


Kafayat Oboirien, A UNITAS team member presented a  poster titled Conceptualising health teams in decentralised health systems – A case of District based Clinical Specialist Teams (DCSTs) in South Africa at the Global Health Symposium in Cape Town as part of the UNITAS project. In her poster Kafayat presented a conceptual framework highlighting prospective determinants of team engagements in decentralized district health systems. Drawing on multilevel and complexity theory, the conceptual framework highlights contextual, system, organizational, team and individual level determinants that could have influence on the DCST functioning.

Kafayat noted she was quite fascinated to see how health system practitioners, managers and developmental partners engaged with her presentation at the symposium.